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Taste The South!

The agricultural family farm Taste the south is situated in city of Opuzen, in beautiful valley of Neretva, also called golden valley of Croatia.

We have been farming since 2009. year, while most of our products were buyed by local entrepreneurs. In last two years we have been opened and oriented to every each final costumer.

Our family consists of me as the holder, brother Zvonimir as a member of the family and deputy, and except the two of us, all family members participate in the work.
The work consists of spring works (mowing, milling, pruning, fertilizing, pest control) to summer works (mowing and irrigation) and to autumn works (harvesting, processing, distribution and sales). Each family member has their own task in which they are the most professional and thus best contribute to the success of the entire family farm. Of course everyone participates in the harvest.

In our offer you can find citrus fruits (mandarin, orange, clementine, lemon, grapefruit, kumquat) and pomegranate and fig fruit, and of course our homemade natural juices obtained by processing the first stage (without any artificial additives).

Encouraged by the satisfaction of our loyal customers, from year to year we increasingly contribute to the quality of our product and to the taste of the fruit with a taste directly from the tree, ie to reach their table as soon as possible.

In the future, we plan to organize trips so that we can bring our domestic products closer to the end customer in a way that they will be able to taste 100% natural product at the same time picked directly from the tree.

This year, in the 9th month, we turned our type of conventional production into an ecological type of production, and we are currently in a transitional period from the beginning of September, and we have a certificate for a transitional period in organic production. If all goes well over the next three years of the transition period, we should get an ECO certificate which is the ultimate goal of our excellence.

Our wish is that you experience “the tastes of the south”  live and in your home, and the best of the Neretva Valley!


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